Past Examples

Below are examples of highly successful wellness programs that have previously been submitted, approved and utilized:

CCTEC – Point System

  • CCTEC utilized a staff-wide wellness plan using a point system to help facilitate set goals. The staff members earned points for voluntary participation in the activities outlined in the Wellness Initiative. During a set time frame, these points were accumulated using the predetermined value of each event set by the Wellness Committee. These points were then tallied every month to determine who would be awarded the monthly reward (i.e. gift cards).
  • To see the more detailed submission application click here.
  • You can also see this point system in action in their Monthly Wellness Newsletter.

Bridgeton BOE – Variety

  • Bridgeton Public Schools created a variety of programs for their employees including a wellness newsletter and brochure, staff cooking classes, “Biggest Loser” program, staff walk and fitness challenge, yoga and Zumba, off-site fitness classes, healthy vending machines, and Staff Wellness PD Day (photos below).

Florence Township – Year-Round Incentivized Wellness Program

  • Florence Township planned a full multi-year wellness program which included biometric screenings, an annual HRA, one-on-one consultations/counseling, an online platform to manage fitness, weight management, education and nutrition, smoking cessation and an annual health fair with local wellness exhibitors, activity stations and healthy snacks (photos below).

  • They also utilized an online wellness portal where the employees could log milestones and earn incentivized prizes including: iPods, Wii Fit, Fitbit, pedometers, yoga mats, gift cards, etc.

Salem County – Overall Worksite Wellness

  • A “Wellness Champion” was chosen at each location to help motivate and encourage employees to participate in the following programs:
    • Comprehensive Biometric Screenings
    • A “TAVi Challenge” (TAVi offers comprehensive, ready-to-implement Challenge Kits and fun, engaging and effective online challenges.)
    • “Naturally Slim through ACAP Health” for Diabetes Prevention, Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Management.
    • “Run/Walk with the Freeholder’s” which includes fun giveaways and prizes.

Dennis Township BOE – Fitbit Step Challenge

  • Fitbits are purchased for all participants for fall, winter and spring wellness challenges that revolve around the use of the Fitbit and appeal to the majority of employees. Eight after-school programs have been added, including Pilates, boot camp, yoga, Zumba and even on campus nutritionist visits.

Upper Deerfield Township BOE – Full Body & Mind Wellness Program

  • Wellness Education: Overall body and mind education by Certified Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Certified Weight Watcher representatives.
  • Nutrition Education: Provided by Certified Nutritionist to include: eating habits, portion control, cooking for a healthy lifestyle, effects of all these on the body and mind.
  • Exercise Regimens for Body & Mind: Fitbit tracked training provided by Certified Fitness Trainers and Yoga Instructors ending with all individuals participating in a 5k Run/Walk – with the registration fees paid through the grant.

Monthly Newsletter and Exercise of the Month Examples (sent by Debbie Schiffer – Wellness Director for BURLCO & TRICO JIF)